Learn the Methods of Extreme Couponing – Loyalty or Rewards Cards

Most grocery stores now utilize shopper loyalty cards, or rewards cards to keep shoppers coming back to their store exclusively. These cards are free and can be obtained by filling out a simple form with your contact information. Be aware that linking your contact information to a rewards card will allow the store to track your purchases, which may be more information than you want to give the store. If you use your real name and address you’ll likely receive promotional mailings and store flyers in the mail, which can be valuable resources for discounts and coupons. If you give false information, your rewards card will likely remain active (I don’t think they check the validity of your information), but you won’t receive any mailings, but you should be able to sign up for any mailings directly through the store without linking your purchases to your real name and address.

Many in-store prices are discounted if you use your loyalty card at checkout, making this a valuable source of savings every time you shop. It’s become a popular way for stores to keep the full retail price posted on the shelves, and continue to get full price from shoppers that don’t utilize a loyalty card, but also offer discounted pricing for those that do. The discounts earned with your loyalty card can be combined with coupons to double up on the savings for those items.

Stores also use these cards to reward shoppers for spending their money at their store. They often run promotions to reward customers with cash back, or savings on gas prices, or offering free gifts based on number of rewards points earned. These can be interesting promotions, but are usually based on the dollar amounts spent, not value of products purchased, so an extreme couponer will accumulate few rewards points. But over time, these points may accumulate to valuable gifts or savings so be aware of your retailer’s reward programs.
Loyalty or rewards cards are a vital part of an extreme couponer’s savings program. Be sure to compare the benefits of these programs among your local retailers to help determine the best place to shop.

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