Learn the Methods of Extreme Couponing – Using Coupons Like A Pro

There are many ways to save money on your grocery purchases. Many of these can be used together on the same product to gain even deeper discounts, which is the key to getting products for next to nothing, for free, or sometimes even getting a cash credit back when the discount amounts exceed the purchase price. Be sure you’re taking advantage of all of these to get the most savings on your shopping spree.

Types of Coupons

In the article Collecting Coupons we outlined the different types of coupons, and where to find them. Be sure you’re collecting all of these coupon types, and be aware of the details in the fine print on how they can be used. Many can be used in conjunction with other coupons, while some cannot.

Manufacturer coupons

Clipped from Sunday newspaper coupon inserts
Affixed directly to products in the store
Printable coupons found online
Printed during checkout along with your receipts, or found on the back of your receipts.
Mailed directly to your mailbox through manufacturer promotional programs
Purchased through Ebay

Store coupons

Clipped from store flyers received through the mail or found in newspapers
In-store coupons found inside your local store

Store promotions

Savings such as spend $100, get $10 off
Buy one get one free, or buy 10 for $10
Clearance items with marked down prices
Sale prices on products, which can sometimes be deep discounts

Store reward or loyalty cards

These will be discussed in the next article

Combining as many of these types of savings as possible will lead to the types of transactions you see on Extreme Couponing. Be sure the product is on sale, or marked down with use of your loyalty card, and you have a current store or manufacturer coupon for that product, preferably with the store doubling or even tripling your coupon.

Another trick is to find coupons that have an amount of savings