Learn the Methods of Extreme Couponing – Monitoring Prices

It’s important to know the current pricing of items in the stores, so you can calculate the best savings with the coupons you’ve gathered. Be sure you’re on the mailing list for all of your local grocers and retailers to receive their weekly flyers that highlight their sales items and current promotions. Going through these each week will alert you to the products that the store is offering at discounted prices. Many times, each store chain will have different product lines on sale, so it’s important to monitor all of the stores in your area.

Many of a store’s weekly promotions will be advertised in their weekly flyer, but not necessarily all of them will be advertised. It’s a good idea to walk the aisles at your favorite store and manually gather the current price of items you’re looking to stock up on. Also look for instant coupons attached to products that can be redeemed immediately during your shopping trip. Record the amount and terms of these so you can make the best use of them during your shopping spree.

Make sure you know how each store handles pricing changes, and how often their advertised promotions and sales are changed so you don’t miss out on a deal by waiting too long to purchase. This will also help you visit the store early in their promotional period to gather prices, so you have time to map out your game plan before their weekly sales end, and the new promotions begin.
The sooner you can make out your shopping plan the better, because often times a store sells out of their sales items early in the promotional period and if the shelves are clear for that item you may be out of luck. Make sure you’re the one getting to the store early to clear the shelf of their sales items, especially if you have multiple copies of coupons for the same product that you can use in conjunction with the in-store sale to save even more.

Monitoring prices can be very time consuming, as you’ll need to travel to different stores and spend time in each to record their current pricing. It’s best to narrow down your store choices to a couple favorites that often have great deals, and have lenient coupon policies. Another good idea is to team up with other coupon enthusiasts in your area to share information. Either way, this part of the experience can be the most mundane, and they don’t show the hours of necessary research that goes into the incredible shopping sprees on television.

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