In today’s economy, an increasing number of households are looking for ways to save money each month. Coupons have always helped frugal shoppers save money on their purchases, but these days people are taking couponing to the extreme.

Anyone interested in couponing has seen the new television series Extreme Couponing based on the lifestyles and shopping sprees of coupon enthusiasts across the country. This show gives us a few of the ideas and processes used by extreme couponer’s to purchase large transactions of grocery items, for only a few dollars. Viewers can learn the basics of using coupons, and each shopper reveals some of their valuable secrets to obtaining huge savings on their purchases.

Shoppers are shown purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of products, usually in multiple quantities of each item, and paying very little after redeeming their discounts and coupons. They’re shown pushing multiple carts full of groceries out of the store, loading them up in their vehicles and taking them home to their huge stockpiles. Many of the stockpiles have taken over their homes, and have become an obsession, often showing numerous products purchased just because they were on sale, not because they were really needed at all. One shopper had a large stockpile of diapers, even though she doesn’t have any children. Others have stockpiled 10