Clairol makes a wide variety of hair color products, to suit most any hair type and style. They have solutions for permanent, demi-permanent (28 shampoos) and semi-permanent (8-12 shampoos) color, along with products for root touch-up, highlighting, blonding, and adding shine. This wide variety allows shoppers to find the colors, styles, and scents of products they prefer, as other brands don’t have so many options to choose from. We’ll help you find Clairol hair color coupons so you can save on this leading brand of hair products.

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Find Clairol Hair Color Coupons

Clairol coupons

Here’s where you can find valuable coupons for Clairol hair color products. Just sign up for the Clairol rewards program through Proctor and Gamble on the Clairol website

Your free membership will get you a free subscription to Rouge magazine, which contains information on new products, trends in fashion and beauty, and hair color coupons in every issue. This magazine is available online, but will also be mailed to the address you provide. Your Clairol rewards membership will also allow you to receive periodic emails with new product information, and valuable coupon offers. You’ll also receive other tips and tricks from stylists and beauty experts, that you may like to try. This is some great info that’s included with one of the best ways to get free Clairol hair color coupons.

Clairol Hair Color Coupons

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